Gandhi's Concept of Ideal Village

India does not need to be industrialized in the modern sense of the term. It has 7,50,000 villages scattered over the vast area 1900 miles long 1500 broad. The people are rooted to the soil and the vast majority is living a hand to mouth life.

Reference: Gandhiji wrote to Sir Danial Hamilton in a letter on 15-2-1922 from Bardoli

Sevas encourages advanced technologies but mainly concentrates on employment generations. Gandhi's concept of Ideal village or Gram Swaraj can be achieved by establishing more small scale industries/small scale services.

We have to work towards the application of advanced technologies (like biotechnology, bioinformatics or nanotechnology) in establishing small scale industries/small scale services. Sevas aims to create an interactive atmosphere among researchers, scientists, faculties, students and farmers to develop villages.

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